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Open-source development is flexing like never before. Accessible API / REST technologies force unprecedented consideration to human experience engineering and diversity design—just to compete in the new world we’re finding ourselves in.

Caspex are open-source experts boasting vast experience with the most popular development kits. Each Caspex solution demonstrates quintessential dedication to future-proofing the client vision and yielding return on investment.

  • Reduce development time and development cost by as much as 40%
  • Enhance portability and modularity
  • Experience Caspex’ interactive development methodology
  • Understand advanced technology and the latest trends

Maximize Resource Utilization & Readability

Custom Application Development by Caspex

Custom Application Development

We offer customized open-source development services, solutions, and software applications to organizations of all sizes and complexities. We will work with Java, .Net, and any chosen technologies to address your requirements and suggests and construct the best solution for you that will have a unique interface, and bespoke Portals or CMS. We design or redesign websites, portals, customized development, E-Commerce design and development, shopping cart integration, social networking portals and more.

Application Re-Engineering by Caspex

Application Re-Engineering

Digitalization and App Modernization by Caspex

Digitalization or App Modernization

We can add advanced web development to your existing site or redesign and migrate from new, using latest technologies and creative porting and re-engineering. We provide responsive design for viewing on all mobile platforms.

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E-Commerce Application Development

E-Commerce Application Development

Caspex’ extensive experience with both open-source and closed-source e-commerce platforms has garnered relationships with eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. We offer a wide range of solutions on platforms such as Magento, OS commerce, Shopify, Zencart, and Martjack. We also build completely new e-commerce properties and other services like site migration, payment gateway integration, and both headless and static content management solutions.

Web Development and Digital Marketing

Web Development & Digital Marketing

We are experts in bespoke web site design services, and will ensure your brand recognition and market reach is maximized and visitors tracked. We can advise on Search Engine ranking and optimization. We offer Cloud Strategy, Migration from Legacy systems, Solution Development and Cloud Management.

Open Source Development
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