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Drive decisions with science. Show, don't tell.

Our Tableau product consultant can chart you a course to become a data driven organization. We formulate a clear, customized strategy along with a roadmap.

A Picture vs. a Thousand Words

Tableau Sample Visual Analytics from Caspex


Our Tableau product consultant can chart you a course to become a data driven organization. We formulate a clear, customized strategy along with a roadmap that defines your requirements and outcomes, aligns your teams, and prioritizes your work schedule to fully utilize Tableau. We implement, maintain, and customize the migrated tools to make the transition extremely easy and effective.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Our team of seasoned Power BI consulting experts will guide you through the process of pulling in data from different sources into Power BI to create meaningful visualizations with relevant, actionable insights. We help you extracting this data in “best practices” fashion. Prepare your data for the absolute best quality visualizations. We train you to import data from nearly any data source, database, and web service using custom interfaces (API), custom connectors, and web services. Create meaningful data sets using any on-premise or online data source.

Qlik Sense Qlik View Dashboard

Qlik Sense / Qlik View

[End-to-end services portfolio with industry know-how. Client centric solutions focused on their business goals. Highly collaborative project management approach. Consistent service definitions, tools and processes & evolving knowledge base. Our world-class team authorizes its broad knowledge base in qlik sense conjoined with industry good practices to boost client’s contentment by building customized models by combining technology with businessbi / analytics coe & operations…]

Our team has experience monitoring and supporting all of your BI/Analytics tools.

From user & server administration, to education, to performance monitoring, to break/fix – our A&S services help make sure your business users have the reports and dashboards they need 24×7. Strategic transformation —Use information to transform enterprise performance. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) — More-efficient use of technology. Remove technical and operational obstacles and redundancies.

Big Data Support

Big Data Support

Caspex conducts dedicated training exercises in the form of interactive virtual workshops with Q&A sessions and instructor-led training. We provide multiple formats of instruction to ensure all stakeholders with varied comprehension preferences and proficiencies are able to on-board with minimal downtime. All instruction is provided in physical form for ongoing reference and future continuity planning.


Form & Function Follow Experience
  • Know the audience
  • Ask the right questions
    • What’s driving profit performance, and what areas in the business need attention?
    • What are the levers to reduce overhead and shared services costs?
    • What’s the total cost to serve by customer, channel, or region?
    • What’s driving swings in margins?
    • How is product mix impacting the business?
  • Transform the data
  • Apply visual analytics
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