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Caspex designs and delivers full-stack mobile and cloud solutions end-to-end. Cloud technology demands enterprise-level talent with the tenure and as much as specialized skillsets to support migrations, redundance, coordination with Hyperscalers, solution architecture and more.
  • Our full-stack developers are experienced in both client-side and server-side components
  • Skilled in HTML5, Angular, JavaScript, and other front-end technologies for attractive web and mobile apps with easy-to-use interfaces
  • Resources have functional capabilities in core business processes, combined with programming skills in JAVA, Python, C#, PHP, among other languages
  • Teams have essential knowledge of MySQL, Oracle, Mongo DB, and other databases
Android and IOS

IOS / Android

We offer expertise in mobile gaming and application development, providing turnkey mobile apps or developing and extending existing enterprise apps. We provide porting and upgrades to support multiple platforms with advanced features and comprehensive mobile application development services to help our customers keep in touch with prospects and effectively utilize mobile internet.

Our team are specialized in implementing high-end mobile application, porting and migration services on platforms such as iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows and J2ME. We ensure cross platform availability of mobile applications & products.

Cloud Technologies by Caspex

Cloud Technologies

Offering best in class solutions based upon an appropriate platform selection (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), Cloud option evaluation (Public, Private or Hybrid), and cost benefit analysis. We have a complete portfolio of offerings to suit any requirement.

We advise on software, infrastructure and multiple platform application development, whether in HTML, CSS, Javascript apps or using frameworks like PhoneGap, Sencha & Titanium.

Mobile Big Data

Big Data

We support business processes that are implemented on any scale and contain information flows, reporting, and data analytics of any complexity.

Offering integrated BI applications with mobile technology, to be available on iOS/Android devices, we can create effective dashboards and reports suitable for mobile devices.

E-Commerce Application Development

E-Commerce Application Development

Caspex’ extensive experience with both open-source and closed-source e-commerce platforms has garnered relationships with eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. We offer a wide range of solutions on platforms such as Magento, OS commerce, Shopify, Zencart, and Martjack. We also build completely new e-commerce properties and other services like site migration, payment gateway integration, and both headless and static content management solutions.

Devops from Caspex

Dev Ops

We help our clients with DevOps consulting, which enables them optimize development and delivery pipelines. We enable customers for optimizing their DevOps strategy by providing guidance in workflow automation, cloud deployment, CI/CD, Testing, Logging and Monitoring.

We have expertise in tools like Ansible, Elastic, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Splunk, Artifactory, Git, Kubernetes, AWS Lambda etc.

Completed Cloud Migrations

Mobile Developers

Marketplace Solutions

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Blending and evaluating services through long term collaboration. We have a proven track record in delivering results for our clients who trust our expertise and value our partnership approach.