E-Commerce & New Era Retail

Everything is on-demand... now.
E-Commerce and New Era Retail
E-commerce and retail continue to be at the forefront when it comes to Caspex innovation and technology. This is a sweet spot for us and many find us a formidable competitor when it comes to big retail. Others follow our lead as we seek to…
  • Enhance our understanding of the new retail landscape
  • Share our expertise and build our powerful ecommerce portfolio
  • Identify competitive advantage opportunities for us—your needs, our experience

Custom is almost always best, but we are also confident and highly experienced with leading e-commerce platforms…

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify Plus
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Magento Commerce
  • SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Sitecore Commerce & Marketplace
  • Amazon Marketplace

Why work with Caspex?

Advantage 1
Deep knowledge of the e-commerce tech stack
Advantage 2
Results-focused, agile, nimble, and scalable
Advantage 3
Top-shelf talent with availability in multiple time zones
Advantage 4
Meet diversity requirements without the expense

Where is the future of retail?

Omnichannel Retail

Retail is Changing in Real-Time

Multi-channel and omnichannel consumers are choosing multi-channel buying experiences regardless of recognizing familiar names and brands.

Memorable Experience

Memorable Experience

To attract customer loyalty, retailers need to create experiences that—well, last we checked, surprise and delight are still in.

The Worldwide Mall

The Worldwide “Mall”

Location, location, location is now, data, data, data—your infrastructure needs to support real-time data-driven decision making more than ever.

Seamless Transitions

Seamless Transitions

Clicks in and outside bricks is the goal—but the second your customers think about clicking, you’ve lost them. We are experts at seamless shopping experiences—across all dimensions.

Unified Platform

Unified Platform

Upgrade, integrate, replace—until the customer can get anything you offer anytime they want—the really good shopping experiences rarely end.

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Blending and evaluating services through long term collaboration. We have a proven track record in delivering results for our clients who trust our expertise and value our partnership approach.