Legendary Projects

Financial Services Client


  • Client wanted to Re-Platform existing Mainframe applications to latest and current technology landscape – Java, Microservices, Bigdata, AWS Cloud
  • Finalizing the approach for this modernization initiative with zero or minimal impact to the existing customer (Lift or Shift or re-write)
  • Application has 15000 MIPS and is core to revenue generation

Our Solution

  • Caspex worked with client to create multi year roadmap for the application re-platform
    • Caspex worked on Lift and Shift approach to execute this modernization initiative by migrating the current application to Distributed Java based architecture
  • Re-write components which are redundant to Java microservices architecture
  • Final phase is to migrate the distributed architecture to Java micro services to AWS Cloud
  • Caspex team is working with Client on end-to-end development, testing and roll out for existing as well as new application


  • Helped achieve engineering excellence
    Faster time to market because of technology upgrade
  • Reuse platform and component provides ability to add new features quickly
  • Invest in people to upgrade skills

You’re our go-to from now on.

Alicia J.

HR Specialist, Fortune 50 Hi-Tech Leader

Near-immediate ROI from the time of our first workshop through final integration—Caspex became subject matter experts and truly understands our clients.

Alexander B.

Business Optimization Lead , Fortune 50

Services Industry


  • Onboarding traditional applications to Data Lake, which required to replace or realign major components

Our Solution

  • Create a compatibility matrix by mapping the similar technologies.
  • Identify application which can be migrated to Datalake without changing any architecture.
  • If the components has limitations, and application requires more power to process, pick the current technology which can handle old functionality without breaking and adds new features.
    • For example, if the app was built with MySQL, it have limitations to process huge data, so we need to process information in batches.
    • If the same is moved to PrestoDB or Bigquery in Datalake, it will be processed in seconds


  • Huge savings in efforts.
  • Data processing turnaround time was reduced to minutes.
  • Saving time & resources is saving dollars

Our NPS improved more in the last 2 months than it has in the last 6 years thanks to you Caspex. We’ll be seeing you again soon! Don’t be surprised if we send a few of our friends your way. We know you’ll take good care of them!

Jones A.

Forward Point IT, Leading Retailer

Project Management was the missing piece on nearly every initiative we took on in 2021. Now we know where to go and who to talk to. Thanks again Caspex!
Jeffrey P.

DevOps Manager, State Department

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