Finance & Insurance

Our Finance and Insurance clients grow their clientele, increase customer retention and reduce risk to business with experiences that are unique to their customers and platform which helps them reduce  time to market and time to compliance. Providing our customers with compelling and unique digital experience which is platform independent and meets regulatory and security requirements is of outmost importance to us.  We help our customers to define and develop unique solutions, platforms and products which helps in increasing revenue by reducing/mitigating risk. 
Our service offerings include
  • Enable customers to create innovative solutions for insurance and finance domain that increase customer loyalty and increase customer retention
  • Create POC/POT to investigate and identify new revenue streams
  • Off load mainframe capacity and data access
  • Big data exploration and enhanced 360 degree customer view to increase user satisfaction and revenue
  • Security Intelligence to lower risk, detect fraud and monitor cyber security in real time
  • Risk Advisory services and Financial advisory services