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Digital Transformation

Our team work extensively in Digital transformation projects by Understanding the client better, industry trends specific to each client and technology drivers, below is our service offerings

Service Offerings
  • Retail/ eCommerce
  • Insurance
  • Hi-Tech
  • Consumer and Business services
  • Transportation and logistics

Development, Maintenance, Consulting, Platform/Infra Engineering, Hosting, Testing, Re-engineering & System Integration

  • Java, E-Commerce solutions
  • Application testing and engineering services
  • Artificial Intelligence – CoE, NLP
  • Big Data – Platform Engineering, Cloud Migration
  • Visual Analytics – Tableau, Power BI, Qlik Sense/Qlik View
  • Open Source – Open Stack Development, Application Development Framework
  • Product Engineering – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing cloud

Egress Service

Key Requirement
  • Scalable API extraction service to extract data from source system, such as Salesforce.
Technology considerations:
  • Native API integrations to source systems like Salesforce.
  • Needs development effort to build and maintain API integrations as product onboards different sources.
  • API throttling, scalability, resilience, self healing capabilities for seamless operation
  • Make API integration client agnostics, to be able to scale from one customer to another.
Tech Stack:
  • Python/Java based egress service orchestrated through ETL engines like Airflow, Luigi etc.

Transformation Service

Key Requirement
  • Transform and Parse data from Egress service to store to storage layer
Technology considerations:
  • Schema on read capable service that is capable to handling changing payloads
  • Transform varying payloads from the egress service to Normalized table structures, add partitioning capabilities for long term data vault storage
  • Schema metadata collection service to collect changes to schema layer


Key Requirement
  • Authorization and authentication to only approved data in data vault
  • Supported by well defined Admin panel supporting standard business hierarchies and roles
  • Reporting hierarchies, Department Hierarchies, Admins etc
Technology considerations:
  • Capability to integrate with various enterprise SSO services
  • Provide standard integration with 3p services such as google authe etc.

Service Layer

Key Requirement
  • Serve all client requests to retrieve data effectively and securely
Technology considerations:
  • Offering cache service to improve the performance of fetching the data and documents.
  • Offering security on the service layer to allow authorized users to access the data from data vault.
  • Offering access level security to incorporate data level security

Storage Layer

Key Requirement
  • Long term, persistent storage layer to store extracted data onto S3 Data lake/Dynamodb/mongoDb document store
  • Capable of cold storage for archival and quick retrieval
Technology considerations:
  • Offering cold storage capabilities for long term cold storage/archival of data from source system
  • Offering fast retrieval capabilities for, high value/often used data elements
  • Tech stack: S3/Glacier

API endpoint

Key Requirement
  • Service to support integration with downstream/target apps
  • Service to export data in bulk
Technology considerations:
  • Restful API with secured SSL and token authorization to extract data
  • Capability to integrate with other application to extract data
  • Capability to extract data in bulk to perform local analytics
  • Capabilities to perform fast scans to support integrations to online systems.