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Data Analytics

We enable corporation create holistic data strategy by harnessing and extracting value and actionable intelligence from collected data. Our capabilities in data lake areas are

Data Lake Rethink Repositories

No More
Data Silos

  • Comprehensive Big data analytics ecosystem
  • Technology to Extract, Load and Transform the data many times based on data usage patterns
  • Ability to consolidate raw, processed, structured and unstructured data into a single platform

Technical capabilities to create Data Lake

  • Schema less, in-expensive storage, Massively parallel processing;
  • Integrated ecosystem of several data management & analytics tools
  • Online access to raw, processed, structured & unstructured data

Enable rapid, full scale analytics

  • Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive
  • Rapid creation of ODS/data marts/360 views from the raw & processed multi-structured data
Few of the common data lake use
cases addressed by our team are

Big Data Exploration

  • Find, Visualize, understand all big data to improve decision making​

Enhanced 360 View of the Member

  • Enhance existing Member views by integrating internal and external data sources

Security Intelligence

  • Lower risk, detect fraud & monitor cyber security in real time

Operational Analysis

  • Analyze machine data such as logs to get operational insights

Data warehouse modernization

  • Integrate big data and DW capabilities to increase operational efficiency

Off-Load Mainframe Capacity & Data Access

  • Move the Transactional Data out of key system of records into the distributed platform
  • Expose data to multiple applications through standard APIs for the both cloud and non-cloud applications